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There are more than 3 billion Google searches every day and your brand has to be on the online market yesterday. There's no easier, faster and more convenient way to advertise than through the World Wide Web. If you look for a way to communicate with your audience and increase awareness of your product look no more! Soccersreview.com is one of the leading soccer portals that specialize in monitoring soccer tipster and monitoring companies. Our high editorial standards assure we get a continuous traffic flow to our website on a daily basis.

BetScans.com only allows soccer tipsters to sign up with us as advertiser and submit daily tips for scanning. Every individual or company who advertises on BetScans.com is instantly accredited with the same high position on the market as our website. Our daily and monthly traffic are key elements in making your brand known worldwide. You can catch the attention of your audience easier and faster by advertising with us. Boost your brand awareness now!

And like that wasn't enough, BetScans is a big fan of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We've invested big money in these two strategies to position ourselves as the leading soccer portal. We rank high on Google and Yahoo search through organic and paid advertisements, so users can locate us from the search results easier.



BetScans.com has its own rules and you should meet the following minimum requirements to advertise on our website:

Own a website or blog that has a unique URL

All your records have to be monitored by a monitoring company

Website/blog - at least 3 months old

Reliable customer support