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The Best Independent Bets Checker Service

The Best Independent Bets Checker Service

As we all know, soccer is a prevalent sport played by many all over the world. Some like playing it, while other just watch. On another note, there are some who want to earn decent money on their favorite game (or team)

However, one must be prudent when it comes to betting. Like any other decision making, when it comes to taking a risk, betting without a clue or proper knowledge of the sport is a huge NO-NO.

But this can be fixed. Knowledge and experience will go a long way in making your bets flow on the right track. The best way to earn good money in soccer betting is taking advice from the soccer experts, such as soccer bet checker service.

Independent bets checker services are who provides information on the prospective values of the sporting leagues/events.

Earlier, tips are mainly commercial, but now, thanks to the Internet (And bets checker service websites) they are usually exchanged for money, as many bet service providers operate websites that are easy to navigate and are highly accessible from anywhere in the world.

The Best Independent Bets Checker Service

Independent bets checkers connected with tipsters

In a soccer betting, a tip is a stake that is recommended by a third-party who is acknowledged with more experienced about that subject than the bookmaker who sets the starting prices.

Bookmakers change their values according to the amount of money staked. Thus, a tip is not even regarded by the tipster as a certainty; the tipster himself risks none of his own money but sells his expert knowledge to others to try to beat the bookies.

Soccer tipsters are usually insider person soccer who provides the bettors with information that are not openly accessible. The best tipsters use statistically based estimates and extensive research about the result of a game, and compare this estimation with the bookmaker’s odds. When the value is found, the tipster endorses the bettors to place a bet.

The Best Independent Bets Checker Service

Genuine or Fake Tipster Websites?

Due to the surge of independent tipsters and betting sites, many tipping services can be a tricky business that preys on users gambling habits.

Be mindful when choosing a genuine tipster websites. Many tipster websites on the internet are frauds.

Exploring the Internet and hoping to find the best soccer tipster website, is like seeking out your soulmate which could potentially be a fake persona as well.

If they promise to make you a millionaire by following their tips (in a short span of time), this should likely ring a bell to you. Therefore, to spot these impostors, it’s crucial for you to know how to find genuine tipster website.

Tipster websites are mostly genuine if it does the following:

  • Make the largest profit?
  • Are they consistent in their approach to tipping?
  • Offers the best packages?
  • Offers the best option on a budget?
  • List their results to all to see?
  • Respond to your emails and operate a professional service?

All the above-mentioned points are monitored by independent bets checker service providers.

Betscans.com is an independent bet checker service that allows tipsters to pay a minimal fee for their tips to be 100% verified and secured. In return, the 100% profits belong solely to the punters.

How it works

Betscans team is professional and accountable in guaranteeing that every bet submitted is certified.
However, these are the 3 important areas we looked for every tip, so you will only get the best of all…

  1. Odds validity of the game, on sports books from over the world.
  2. The accuracy of the date and time of the game, if there are any changes we will inform the tipster to update the details.
  3. Verify the tipsters’ authenticity by checking out their professionalism and status via our high-tech in-house monitoring tools.

After we have verified the tips, we guarantee our tips buyer with these promises and the tipsters have spotless track records and are 100% genuine.

Sign up with Betscans to make profit in your betting without any effort.

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