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What is Head-to-head-betting?

Understanding Head to Head in Soccer Betting

Understanding Head to Head in Soccer Betting

Head to head in soccer betting remains the most common form of betting. It is simply the process of placing a stake in the outcome of the match which could be a win, loss or a draw.

How does Head to Head betting work?

Below we will look at an example and how you can take advantage of it to make good profits.

Leicester is playing Chelsea. When you visit the bookies’ website, you will realize that; they have an offer on odds on a draw, a home or away win. Assuming you bet on Leicester to win and they succeed at it, you will collect a profit.

On the other side, if it’s a draw or Chelsea takes home the win, you will lose your stake.
If you have more experience in soccer betting, you may try the 3-way betting. This arrangement means that the draw is also involved but only as a third outcome option.

Over to you our dear readers

Anyone can become successful with soccer betting if they know where to look. One area that has remained popular in this field is the head to head betting. Its simplicity is key, and wagers in all levels can find success with this model of betting.

The above are some great insights a smart soccer bet should take into account if they want to take their betting to the next level. Join us at Betscans and learn more about this topic and many others. We also offer our customers excellent odds, and we want to assure you that, we make betting fun. See you there.

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