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Understanding your Betting Selections

Understanding your Betting Selections

Getting to know the meaning of most of the soccer betting related terms is a good move as you will encounter these words more frequently in the market. For those who are new comers in the industry, here are some of the most common terms and what they actually mean:

Full-time result:

This means that the match has been played for the stipulated 90 min and has been resulted accordingly. The common results you will see here are 1 (for home team win) X (teams have Drawn) or 2 ( the Away team has won).

The Over or under 2, 5 or 3, 5 goals

The Over and under have risen in popularity due to their ease of use. These terms mean that you are betting a selection with Interest in the total number of goals that will be scored in one game.

Half time- Full time

This could be a tricky selection which means that your selection is on double result in the same game. This is characterized by a score in the first half and the same score in the second part for the full time.

Correct Score

This is simply the score corresponding to your selection.


GG are simple initials that mean that both of the teams playing will score during the game. When you encounter NG, just know that one or both teams will end up with zero scores.


Although not common with most bookies, DNB means DRAW NO BET. For example, assuming you select 1 DNB, it is taken to mean that, if the match ends with a home win, your bet will win and if the results are a draw, you will be able to take back your stake. However, if the visiting (away team) wins, you will lose your stake.

DC (Double Chance)

1X (DC) is closely related to DNB in the sense that, if there is a draw or the home team wins, your bet wins and if the away team wins, you lose your stake.

On the contrary, X2 (DC) is taken to mean that, if your selection ends up with an Away team win or a draw, you will take the profits but you will lose your stake if the home team ends up winning the match.
Last but not least, we have 12 (DC). These are terms that mean that your selection will win if the match ends up with either a Home or an Away team win. Unfortunately, you will lose if a draw occurs.

In conclusion

The betting industry is not for the naive. It can prove to be an expensive and complicated affair especially if a wager fails to take the necessary steps like studying statistics before placing a bet.

To help ease these problems, we have put together some useful resources that our customers can explore and through which you can increase chances of winning more of your bets. Visit us at Betscans to find out.

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