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The Best Bet On The World Cup 2018

The Best Bet On The World Cup 2018

The 21st FIFA World Cup will be hosted in Russia in 2018. The final will take place in Moscow on 15th July 2018. All 32 teams are yet to qualify for the World Cup, but the favorites have already qualified. This article will help you select the best pick for winning the World Cup based on seeds, FIFA ranking, form and bookie odds.

The draw for World Cup Groups is on 1st December 2016. This will be a sufficient determinant to see who plays in which group and who has a better chance of qualification to the next round.

Top-Seeded Teams

The top-seeded teams are the favorites to qualify from each group. These teams include the hosts Russia, Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Belgium, Poland, and France. These teams secured automatic qualification by finishing first in their respective qualification groups/tournaments.

The second-seeded teams include Spain, England, Columbia, Mexico, and Uruguay. Peru, Switzerland, and Italy need to qualify for the playoffs to make this list. These teams will be second favorites to be eligible in their respective World Cup groups.

The Top Ranked Teams

The current FIFA rankings for the world cup stand as follows:

  1. Germany
  2. Brazil
  3. Portugal
  4. Argentina
  5. Belgium
  6. Poland
  7. France
  8. Spain

World Cup Odds

  1. Germany – 5/1
  2. France – 6/1
  3. Brazil – 6/1
  4. Spain – 7/1
  5. Argentina – 8/1
  6. Belgium – 10/1

Expected Winners

Germany is the current holders of the previous World Cup (2014) and has won the World Cup 4 times. Germany played Brazil in the semifinals of the 2014 World Cup. Brazil was the home team and had a good squad. Germany still drubbed them 7-1 to progress to the finals. Expect them to continue their devastating form in this tournament as well.

Germany is the team to put your money on this tournament. Bookies and pundits feel the same way too. France and Brazil have a shot at making the finals. Belgium will be the dark horse of the tournament with a solid and underrated squad.

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