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Bet like A Pro’ With Trixie Bets

A Trixie bet is simply a selection that consists of 4 bets: 3 doubles and a treble but not a single. It a common bet among punters who are looking on improving their ROI in low-priced selections.

Bet like A Pro’ With Trixie Bets


What you need to do when working with a Trixie bet
A Trixie can prove challenging to newbies but it works best when your selections have the potential to back up each other which ends up with a higher chance of profit.

Take for example some strong teams like Brighton, Northampton, Watford, and Sunderland. You make the teams your bet selection and hope that by the end of the sporting event, they will be able to earn you a good profit. So this is how your Trixie bet should look like:
Brighton & Northampton to win (double)
Brighton & Watford to win (double)
Brighton & Sunderland to win (double)
Sunderland, Brighton & Watford to win (treble)

For you to take home the profits, at least two of the selections must win in their respective games. For example, if only one team, say Brighton wins, then you end up with a loss since a Trixie does not consist of any singles.

On the other hand, if only two teams, let’s say Brighton and Watford win, then you will be able to collect part of the winning. You can only collect the full profit if all the teams end up in the win.

Calculating a Trixie bet
With different permutations coming out of a Trixie, the quickest way to figure things out is by using a bet calculator. The best way to look at this and assess the value is by looking how much you would get back for yourself if just two of the three selections were to win in the bet. Would it be enough to cover your initial stake? The answer to that would, of course, lies in the odds that you have selected for your three Trixie selections.

Over to you

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