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the winning formula in soccer betting

Using Acca Bets to Earn Big Without Risking Huge Amounts

The good thing about soccer betting is the many options that wagers have to make money. For example, a punter can choose to place a Trixie or accumulators bet and still get some decent money.

In this article, we will take a look at accumulator bets (commonly referred to as Acca) and how a punter can take advantage of them to earn big.


Look Out For the value picks

If you want to succeed with soccer betting then you must make research your friend. Look out for teams’ statistics and take the time to study the odds. This will assist you in determining the key games that the bookies do not seem to have a definite probability of the actual income. These are teams whose odds seem so close to each other.  You can also work with teams which are top performers but are hosting a much weaker team.

Stay Away from too many teams

Although you may be excited at how much you stand to take home if your acca bet ends in your favor, you equally stand a higher chance of losing. If you must have a number of bets on a single stake, then you should limit it to 4. Anything above 4 is more likely to end up in a loss.

Work with solid choices

By this we mean, look out for the value in the home team. Often times, the home team is at an advantage given the home ground experience and they are most likely to take the win. If you find the home team odd way below the 1.5 mark, then the return may be too low for you to make any profit.

Get information on the key data

This is the most overlooked yet important step every wager should put into consideration.

Prior to choosing your list of bets, learn as much as possible about the teams. Gather lots of information about their past statistics and look keenly at their current and previous odds. Study their fixtures as well as their performance while at home and when away and by the time you are through with it, you will be able to tell the value that is on each team.

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