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A Look at Gerard Pique’s Life Outside of Football

Despite clocking his 30’s, FC Barcelona defender, Gerard Pique, is nowhere near retirement. He has built his career for such a long time and it seems like he has a lot to do before he can hang his boots.

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His time at Barcelona has seen him scale the heights in the football world and he has won a couple of national championships, three Champions League titles and several European trophies.

Any public figure out there elicits a lot of interests from the media and Gerard is no exception. Gerard is believed to be in a long-term relationship with musician Shakira which gives the media a lot of juicy gossips.

In addition to the mainstream media digging a lot of information about his private life, the outspoken player is very active on social media which could be contributed to his getting used to public speaking.

As of now, Gerard is very active and most of his time is spent in the field doing trainings, hard work and domestic life. He is known to love some free time which he spends watching movies, listening to Shakira’s music, watching NBA games and polishing his poker skills.
Did you know that Gerard has a serious love for poker and he is actually very good at it? Whenever time allows, he attends some of

the European Poker Tour side events, where he also participates sometimes finishing among the top.

Final thoughts
The last part of this article talks about Gerard’s love for poker which is a great inspirational to many people out there. It shows that although he has all the skills for soccer, he is still learning to be excellent with poker and anyone can start somewhere and get up there. Resilience is the key thing. To read more of such inspirational soccer articles, visit us on betscans.

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