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The Rise & Fall of Football Player Ronaldinho

The world of soccer is one unforgiving place. Today you can be a very talented and loved player but tomorrow your fame will have disappeared like a mist. This is what exactly happened to Ronaldinho Gaucho.

The rise and fall of Ronaldinho


In his heyday, Ronaldinho was the greatest of them all. His unrivaled skill on the field and the effortless ability he confounded his opponents was an envy of many. Most fans saw his talent s some form of art and he won many hearts. His team’s number one rival club Barcelona was not left out and they also wanted a taste of his skill.
However, as fate would have it, the soccer player superstardom faded into oblivion before he could conquer the football world. Many wondered, how did it happen? That a player with so much talent could fall from grace to grass as quickly as he had arrived?

Ronaldinho the icon

Ronaldinho is a native of Brazil where he was born Ronaldo de Assis Moreira on March 21, 1980. He was born into a family of professional football players who must have been his role models because he got into football at the tender age of seven. Growing up in Brazil, Ronaldinho started out with futsal which may have propelled him to develop the football skills he exhibited.

One of the most memorable times is when he was only 13; he scored an unbelievable 23 goals in one single game in a junior championship. By then, many football clubs had started noticing him and at 17 years, Ronaldinho got a call-up to Brazil’s Under-17 national squad – which won the FIFA Under-17 World Cup in 1997. Soon after, Grêmio football club came calling and they signed him for his first professional contract.

The player’s star continued to rise and in 2001, he moved from Brazil to France and joined Paris Saint Germaine, a club where he stayed t for only two seasons and it is while here that he won the 2002 World Cup with Brazil.

Come 2003, the footballer left Paris and signed with his dream club FC Barcelona. This was one huge milestone in his career and his skills propelled him to be recognized as one of the greatest players of his time. He spent five seasons at Catalan club, where he won all the accolades that were up for grabs. He twice propelled Barcelona to the La Liga and Supercopa titles and at one time to the UEFA Champions League title. His personal titles include a Ballon d’Or, two FIFA World Player of the Year, and a UEFA Club Footballer of the Year among others.

They Say the Higher You Climb, the Harder you Fall!

Ronaldinho seemed to have achieved all there was at Barcelona and the only place for him to go was to fall down! This is exactly what happened. With money and unlimited fame flowing in, the player started partying to an extent of missing training. He became a penchant for late-night parties and this was first revealed during his short stint at Paris Saint Germane.

His physical condition did not resonate with a footballer of international stature and his frequent disappearance from the training field did not augur well with the club’s manager, Pep Guardiola. His relationship with the club’s manager got strained and the manager was already showing favor to other players on Ronaldinho’s side that featured the likes of Messi, Henry, and Eto’o. In July 2008, Ronaldinho rejected a bid from Manchester United and moved to AC Milan.

By now, he had reduced his signature moments of magic and was increasingly neglecting his physical condition. Most of the time he was on the bench instead of being in the field, there were already signs that his time in Europe almost over. In 2011, he moved back to Brazil and joined Flamengo (this was after he got omitted from the Brazilian 2010 FIFA World Cup team).

His return to Brazil saw him jump from one club to the other citing lack of payment but in the real sense, his disappointing performances could have led to this.

Last Word

Remember, if you have talent, it can get you to the top, but only hard work will keep you there. Ronaldinho scaled high points in football without putting in much effort. He felt like he knew everything and was not keen on attending training but his attitude and lack of hard work saw him squander his skills. If you are wondering what happened to other of your favorite players, read more on betscans.

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