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ACCA Vs 1X2-Which is the Best?

Every punter wants a piece of this multi-billion dollar industry. There are many markets in soccer betting ranging from ACCA to 1×2, to both teams to score among others. In this article, we will compare the two most common betting markets that you can use them to your advantage:

So what is ACCA?

Otherwise known as the ‘Roll-Up’ or ‘Acca’. One bet requiring any number of selections but all the selections must win to have a return. The winnings are calculated by placing all the money on the first selection, then the winnings from that bet is placed on the next bet, etc. — amcleanbookmakers

Understand that there are no 100% Tips, Consistency is Key

Betting is a risky undertaking and it would be better to understand that we will constantly encounter loses and especially when we least expect it. When we mention analysis and research, we mean that punters need to look at not just one or two recent happening but the history of the playing teams dating back to a few years.

ACCA Vs 1X2-Which is the Best?image:visualhunt

Stopping the 1X2 Losing Cycle
This market is the easiest and most common with punters yet the riskiest. However, there are a few things that you can take into consideration to minimize loses. The number one of them is placing single bets as opposed to multiple bets in a single selection otherwise known as ACCA.

Acca works best if the selection is kept at a minimum of three selections per bet: the longer the list the higher the chance of incurring a loss.

Additionally, use soccer prediction models available online to gather enough information of the previous performance of the teams.

On the other hand, ACCA is a lot easier and if used properly, they also present an opportunity to make money. However, they are equally risky considering that even if your list gets two or three correct out of four, you might end up losing your bet because they only result in a win if only all the selected games win.

We cannot say for sure which of the market is better than the other as each has its equally risky side. However, we all know that betting can only be successful if proper research and patience are put into place.

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