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We're not a tipping service. There are already many tips provider out there and we don’t want to add on to the bulk list. Instead, we would like to help you streamline these providers so you’ll make better, wiser choices in your bets.

We're an independent bets checker service that allows tipsters to pay a minimal fee for their tips to be 100% verified and secured. In return, the 100% profits belong solely to them.

This is possible, thanks to our super nerdy, data-loving team of computer scientists who relies only on the big data to provide you with the best results, in turn increasing your chances of winning, unlike other speculations made by tipping providers.

We hope that you’ll benefit from this information and then onwards, start winning big time from it.


At BetScans, our team is responsible in ensuring that every bet submitted is verified and filtered through round-the-clock.
These are the 3 important areas we looked for in every tip, so you’ll only get the best of all.

  • Odds validity of the game, on sportsbooks from over the world.

  • Accuracy of date and time of the game, if there are any changes we will inform the tipster to update the details.

  • Verify the tipsters’ authenticity by checking out their professionalism and status via our high tech in-house monitoring tools.


We guaranteed our tips buyer with these promises…

  • Rest assured that the tip purchased is valid for betting. No dodgy tricks, just purely tips.

  • Our tipsters have impeccable track records and are 100% genuine.

  • The current tips will be 100% authentic, so do the following day’s records.